Ayoka Farms, a brainchild of J3 Holdings, is a model 100,000 bird capacity Farm City situated in Mowe Ofada, Ogun State, Nigeria. The farm seeks to meet the protein needs of the growing Nigerian population starting with production of about 3,000 Crates of Eggs on a daily basis thereby becoming a household name in the country, and eventually across the African continent. Ayoka Farms adds flavour to the dietary needs of everyone and improves livelihoods of thousands through direct and indirect employment.

The fully integrated operations of Ayoka Farms cover Layer Farming, Hatcheries, Feed Mills etc. in an ultramodern facility sitting on 7 Acres of land. The Farm markets Eggs, Live Broilers & Layers, and Frozen Chicken. With the intent to provide consumers with fresh, clean and hygienically packed poultry products, Ayoka Farms has partnered with a chain of Poultry Experts in the areas of Feed Production, Food and Drug Administration, Disease Control, Modern Retail Outlets and Farmers who make the phrase ‘farm to table’ a reality.

Ayoka Farms has become the go-to choice for Nigerian Poultry Farmers, Agro Entrepreneurs and Consumers of poultry products.


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